Ways to Boost Employee Morale While Working Remotely

Written By: Mikaela Crowell

Maintain Good Communication

  • Set Expectations — Make your expectations clear so remote workers can work towards the targeted end goal. By making clear what you expect from them, you will likely achieve the desired results.
  • Check-In Regularly — Do not leave your remote workers feeling unappreciated. Always check in with them regularly to find out how they are doing personally and whether they have concerns over the tasks that have been assigned.
  • Get on a Call — Sometimes, the lack of verbal communication can cause a misunderstanding. Most of us communicate via texts or emails nowadays. However, if you feel that the remote worker is having concerns, always initiate a call. Some things are better explained verbally as compared to just words on a screen.
  • Prioritize Wellness — Working remotely does have its perks, but not everyone prefers this work arrangement. Some people may already be accustomed to social interaction which can affect their well-being when being forced into an alternative virtual work structure. Prioritize their wellness and think of ways of how you can help them better cope with the new changes.

Host Team-Building Activities

Trust and Empower

Luckily, you don’t need to look far for team-building events. At Bundle, we make boosting employee morale easy.



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